Hamamatsu Commercial High School Soroban Demonstration・浜松商業高校珠算部模範演技

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On January 2, 2011 the America Shuzan Kyoiku Renmei welcomed Japanese high school students to their New Year Soroban Event at the Miyako Hybrid Hotel in Torrance. The members of the Shizuoka Kenjinkai were invited to support the students of the National Champion Soroban Club from Hamamatsu Commercial High School in Shizuoka-ken .

The three students from Hamamatsu calculated with American soroban students in both Japanese and English. While English numbers threw them off at first, they proved their number skills surpassed the language barrier. Later, they demonstrated the calculation skills which won them the national championship.  Three students from the National Champion Word Processing Club from Hofu Commercial High School in Yamaguchi-ken also demonstrated their typing skills.

One third-year student of the Hamamatsu Soroban Club will be moving on to university next year and the two second-year students expressed their desire to repeat their championship and participate in this event next year.




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