2010 New Year’s・新年会

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Photos by John Mizuno and Melinda Egawa

General Meeting

Members in attendance were given copies of the Secretary Report and Treasurer Report along with a program for the afternoon.

  • The meeting began with a moment of silence to honor those who passed in the last year.
  • Recording Secretary Yoko Egawa presented the Secretary Report of Kenjinkai Activities for 2009. The report was accepted by the members.
  • Treasurer Kazuo Oda presented the Treasurer’s Report describing the Kenjinkai’s financial activities. The report was accepted by the members.
  • President Yoshihide Miyagishima gave a speech reflecting on his 2 years as president. He will continue to support the Kenjinkai as an Advisor.
  • The Cabinet Members were introduced. Mas Egawa was introduced as the new president. Kazuo Oda and Toshiko Sugiyama were introduced as new vice presidents. Melinda Egawa was introduced as the PR Officer. The rest of the Cabinet remains the same as last year. The full list of cabinet members can be seen here.
  • The new President Mas Egawa gave a speech. He spoke about continuing the tradition of the Kenjinkai as well as planning new activities to attract the younger generation. The speech was given in English while a Japanese translation on the screen.
  • The Women’s Auxiliary President Yoko Shiba gave a speech with hopes for a wonderful new year for the members and the Kenjinkai.
  • After a toast by Paul Shiba, lunch was served.
  • Toshio Handa, JCC President gave a speech to celebrate the new year.
  • New President Mas Egawa presented former President Yoshihide Miyagishima with a gift of appreciation from the Kenjinkai. The former president gave a few words.
  • Members who turned 88 years old and 77 years old in the past year received a certificate from Heita Kawakatsu, governor of Shizuoka prefecture, and a commemorative gift from the Kenjinkai. Members who turned 80 years old in the past year received a commemorative gift from the Kenjinkai. Certificates and gifts were presented to those in attendance by the new president Mas Egawa. After the presentations, Paul Shiba gave words of appreciation on behalf of the recipients.
    • Ichiro Endo, Sanaye Endow, Toshio Kubota, Shiz Miya, Tokue Namiki, and Toshio Shibata turned 88 years old.
    • Nobuko Iinuma, Etsuo Miyagishima, Chiseko Miyagishima, Emy Sakamoto, and Ken Sato turned 77 years old.
    • Sally Ann Iwata, Paul Shiba and Teruo Suzuki turned 80 years old.
  • The General Meeting part of the program ended with a group photo.


  • Yukari Black, a Kenjinkai member, gave a wonderful performance including song and dance. She was accompanied by shamisen-artist Mike Penny. She ended her performance with a song dedicated to former president Yoshihide Miyagishima.
  • Other entertainment included a raffle with prizes including rice, tool sets, and gift certificates and a guessing game.

This year, slides showed Japanese to accompany spoken English, the winners of the guessing game, the winning numbers of the raffle and scenes of Shizuoka during lunch. We are planning to use of slides again next year to improve the experience of all generations and users of both Japanese and English. (And personal thanks to everyone who commented on the use of the slides.)

Finally, thank you to everyone who was able to attend. We hope everyone can make next year’s luncheon (reservations have been made for February 26, 2011 at Quiet Cannon). If anyone has any photos they would like to share, and a Flickr account, please feel free to add them to the Kenjinkai’s Flickr group.