Angels vs Mariners: Sept 10, 2010

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On September 10, the Kenjinkai went to Angels Stadium to watch the Angels vs Mariners game. Some came to cheer on the Angels, others came to cheer on Ichiro and the Mariner, while others came to just enjoy a night out.

As part of the Matsui Night campaign, everyone received a Matsui bobblehead. I personally thought it was tiny, but I’ve grown a bit attached to mine (I named him Minilla) and he’s now sitting on my desk.

With the Angels winning 3-1, the game looked like it was over in the beginning of the ninth inning, but a baseball game is never over until it’s over. When the Mariners tied the game, I’m sure everyone watching the game had a flashback of Wednesday night’s 16-inning game.

After the 13th inning, a few minutes before 11pm, it was announced that it was too late in the night for the scheduled fireworks. I was disappointed since the fireworks at Angels Stadium are quite good. But those of us who stayed were treated to a small burst of fireworks provided by Bobby Abreu’s game winning homerun in the 14th inning. Not quite Big Bang Friday fireworks, but very satisfying.

I had a lot of fun and I hope everyone who participated enjoyed themselves as well. Next season, we would like to return to Angels Stadium and also watch a game at Dodgers Stadium. Hope to see you there.






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